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Yugia YSS series water source lightweight cold water (heat pump) unit is a kind of household central air conditioning unit, which belongs to the scope of water source heat pump. It uses underground shallow ground energy resources such as groundwater, soil or surface water, and central air conditioning system with water as the circulating medium.

This series of units plus external chassis, beautiful and compact, saves space; built-in four-way reversing valve, no need for manual cold and warm switching, automatic operation, easy to use; at the same time optional built-in air conditioning circulating water pump, system integration, quick installation.

The unit is suitable for small buildings ranging from tens to hundreds of square meters of houses, villas, courtyards, supermarkets, fast food, bars and so on.

——Compressors—This series of units uses a highly efficient scroll compressor that provides multi-stage capacity adjustment. In order to avoid liquid shock at the start of the compressor, an oil temperature heating belt of suitable power is installed at the bottom of each compressor, and the compressor is heated while the power is on standby.

——Condenser - the use of casing heat exchanger, high heat exchange efficiency, low water quality requirements, no need to use softened water, long-term use of ordinary water, or groundwater, surface water, lake water, etc., a wide range of heat sources.

——Evaporator - High-efficiency stainless steel plate heat exchanger, standard design pressure 3.2MPa, in-line equalizer to further improve the gas-liquid mixing degree into the evaporator, ensure efficient and continuous operation of the heat exchanger, cross-flow of water and fluoride, enhance heat transfer effect.

——Sheet metal—Using advanced spray molding technology, multiple protective casings, high corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, comprehensive prevention of rust, can be widely used in various environments.

——The detachable panel is easy to maintain and the side and end panels on the unit can be removed for servicing the compressor or electrical control panel. It is very convenient to maintain the unit while ensuring a small installation space.

——The inner lining insulation silencer structure has low noise. The interior of the cabinet is insulated with 15mm thick glass fiber coated with a surface density of 48Kg/m3 to prevent condensation and effectively reduce noise, and the environment adaptability is strong.

——The internal load-side air conditioning circulating water pump can be integrated to reduce the workload and floor space required for site installation. It can be used only by installing the source water side water pump and water system piping.

——The electronic control part—all the control and motor starting components required by the unit have factory wiring and complete functional tests. The controlled electrical components are selected from famous brands, and the control devices with advanced technology, stable performance and high adjustment precision are selected to make the air conditioning system equipment. Fully efficient and efficient, meeting process and comfort requirements, ensuring precise control and electrical safety.