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Company Profile

Year 2009

The company was established in Haiyang City

Shandong Yujia Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is located in the beautiful coastal city of Haiyang. Its predecessor was “Shandong Yujia Fulda Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.”, moved to the new factory in 2013 and changed its name. “Shandong Yujia Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.”, the new area covers an area of 60 mu, with a construction area of 18,000 m2, of which the workshop warehouse area is 12,000 m2. It has: screw machine, scroll machine, air source heat pump, heat pump water heater, heat pump 8 product lines, such as drying equipment, small air volume wind turbine, large air volume wind turbine, cabinet air handler, dry, full liquid, modular, light, normal temperature, ultra low temperature, environmental protection Types of cold water (heat pump) and more than 620 models of the end products can meet the needs of users' various system solutions in one stop. At the same time, it has the performance test device for water source heat pump unit and the comprehensive performance test device for enthalpy difference method.

Company development

Company development

R & D technology, the introduction of equipment, its own advantages

Like the company's growth, we have a young team with rich experience, solid foundation and vitality. The management team and design team members of the company have the working experience of famous enterprises or large foreign-funded enterprises in the industry. Market-centered, innovation-driven development, based on facts, process-oriented, results-oriented core values and competitive advantages. Since the establishment of the company, we have been doing business in a down-to-earth manner, insisting on steady development and focusing on basic management and social responsibility. We have established a comprehensive quality and safety and environmental security system based on 6S management from top to bottom, and at the same time achieved ISO9001 quality system. Certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification.

The company adheres to the original intention to do the quality of the gene, from the design source to the monitoring of the product throughout the user's use, without any quality details, the product uses high standard design and manufacturing process requirements. Yujia constantly defines the perfection with products, and the quality of the craftsman spirit is in the same line. Since the establishment of the company, Yujia has been adhering to the gene of “Benevolence, Righteousness and Wisdom”, and has been pursuing perfection and ultimate quality for ten years. Now facing the technological changes in the rapid changes of central air-conditioning, Yujia Air Conditioning has not adhered to the rules, but actively introduced the research team of Taipei University of Science and Technology, dedicated to the research and development and production of new products. People-oriented, harmonious development, and the pursuit of innovation, Yujia has repeatedly integrated lean production technology, modern innovative management mode, and nanny-style care and meticulous service; we do not blindly expand and maintain the production rhythm of fine water, which is the right Yujia Air Conditioning's affirmation and appreciation, a discussion and exploration of future development, is also a kind of expectation and call for "artisan spirit".

First-rate technical talent

advanced equipment

Scientific modern management

Year 2014

Signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Harbin Institute of Technology Qingdao Research Institute

In 2014, the company signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Harbin Institute of Technology Qingdao Research Institute, built a high-level scientific and technological innovation platform, further enhanced the innovation capability and advantages, obtained 13 independent intellectual property rights, and 11 enterprise filing standards. In recent years, the company has taken the user's point of view and combined with the reality, paying attention to the all-round personalized design, using various low-level heat sources such as seawater, groundwater, urban sewage and soil sources, for public buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, residences, etc. The refrigeration, heating and domestic hot water of public construction and civil construction provide reliable solutions, and their energy saving and environmental protection effects are recognized.


Received the annual Central Air Conditioning Skills and Technology Innovation Award

Through CE certification, the company obtained the high-tech enterprise certificate, and in the same year, it also won the 2015 Central Air Conditioning Skills and Technology Innovation Award in the industry.


Obtain a utility model patent certificate

Obtained a utility model patent certificate for an air source heat pump hot water unit suitable for low ambient temperature. In October of the same year, it obtained the OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.


Multi-model units passed the 3C certification of China Quality Certification Center

In March, the company's YFS9R1, YFS14R1, YFS18R2 three-type low-temperature air source heat pump (cold water) unit passed the 3C certification of China Quality Certification Center, while the low ambient temperature comprehensive performance laboratory also obtained the National Household Appliance Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Certification.

Marketing concept

Improve service concept, provide excellent service to customers

Yujia people's marketing concept

Yujia people take "providing unexpected system solutions for users and establishing a win-win cooperation relationship" as the marketing concept, with the aim of "pursuing fast efficiency, low cost and high quality"; "pursuing excellent quality" , accurate delivery and considerate service." It is proposed that as long as the product is Yujia within 24 months, the warranty service will be paid for the repair, maintenance and maintenance.

Yujia Company always adheres to the concept of “Green Habitat, Low Carbon and Environmental Protection”, continuously increases investment in science and technology, strives to create high-efficiency and energy-saving green products, and achieves sustainable development of human and built environment in order to reduce building energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution. Make unremitting efforts.