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Development history


Corporate strength and good image are further enhanced

Yujia Air Conditioning strives for survival by quality, development by reputation, constant pursuit of craftsmanship and excellence. In August 2018, it was awarded the “National Quality Inspection and Qualified Product” certificate issued by China Quality Inspection Association. In September of the same year, it was awarded the China Quality Inspection Association. The certificate of “National Quality and Credit Benchmarking Typical Enterprise” was issued, and the corporate image was displayed in “China Qua


A variety of models have passed the certification of China Quality Certification Center, and the com

In March 2017, the company's YFS9R1, YFS14R1, and YFS18R2 low-temperature air source heat pump (cold water) units passed the China Quality Certification Center certification. The expert group passed the two-day on-site review and review of the site and system documents and operation. It recognized that the low-temperature air source heat pump (cold water) units of the YFS9R1, YFS14R1 and YFS18R2 models of Shandong Yujia Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. meet the certification requirements. Suggestions an


Obtained utility model patent certificate and occupational health and safety management system certi

In 2016, it obtained the utility model patent certificate of “a high-temperature heat pump hot water unit for air source with low ambient temperature”. In October of the same year, it obtained the OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.


Received the annual central air-conditioning energy-saving technology innovation award in the indust

On June 3, 2015, the company obtained the CE certification. On December 10, 2015, the company obtained the “High-tech Enterprise Certificate” jointly issued by Shandong Science and Technology Bureau, Shandong Provincial Municipal Department, Shandong Provincial State Administration of Taxation and Shandong Provincial Local Tax Administration. In December of the same year, it won the 2015 Central Air Conditioning Energy Saving Technology Innovation Award in the industry.


The company's scale has expanded, its technical capabilities have been strengthened, and its service

In 2014, it passed the ISO14001 environmental system certification, applied for an invention patent, obtained two utility model patents, and was awarded “Yantai Science and Technology SME” by Yantai Science and Technology Bureau. Accompanied by the government science and technology department, the experts of the Qingdao Innovation Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology have visited the company many times and signed a cooperation agreement on the development of new products, which has set up a


Company name and relocation

In 2013, the company was changed from “Shandong Yujia Fulda Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.” to “Shandong Yujia Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.” and moved to the new address – No. 5, Haifa Road, Bicheng Industrial Park, Haiyang City, Shandong Province, the same year. Obtained three utility model patents of “an air conditioning unit capable of balancing high and low pressures”, “an improved water source heat pump air conditioning system” and “an air source heat pump heat recovery air conditioner”.


The company selected the new site and the factory building

In 2012, the company selected a new site and built a factory. In the same year, it was recognized as a building energy-saving product in Shandong Province and obtained the ISO9001 quality system certification. Obtained two utility model patents: “a heat pump hot water air conditioning unit with dual heat sources” and “a heat pump air conditioner with heat recovery function”.


Water source lightweight heat pump unit starts mass production

In 2011, water-based lightweight heat pump units began mass production and put on the market.


焓 实验室 laboratory built

2010年,焓差实验室建成并通过验收,同年取得生产许可证,第一台水源模块机组下线,并实现小批量生产,各项指标达到设计要求,质量运行可靠,解决了多年没有解决的多联机压缩机吸气回油不均衡的技术难题,同时机组系统管路链接采用无弯头连接,设计人员采用PRO/E软件,在加工工艺方面有了精准突破,明显降低了机组在运输和运行过程中的泄露机率。 In 2010, the 焓 实验室 laboratory was completed and passed the acceptance test. In the same year, the production license was obtained. The first water source module unit was off the assembly line and the small batch production was realized. The various indicators met the design requirements, the quality operation was reliable, and


The company was established in Haiyang City

The company was established on February 13, 2009. The registered name is “Shandong Yujia Fulda Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.”, and the registered place is “No.1, Hancheng Road, Haiyang Industrial Park, Shandong Province”. It is the same legal person and the same registered place as Shandong Fulda Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. . The production workers are deployed by Fulda, and the country recruits high-end talents such as managers and technicians in the same industry. In the same year, the org